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    i'm done qbn


    my username and pw. i'm done with this place. laters.

    Nov 17, 1147 replies
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    photoshop cs5

    i'm either drunk or the marquee tool is a heap of shit.

    1st there's this weird haze around my marquee tool and it's hard to cen…

    Nov 3, 116 replies
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    large scale fabric printing

    my boss and i are kicking around the idea of printing a large mural 40'x25'-ish for the wall next to our ping pong table. we're th…

    Oct 28, 114 replies
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    fuck u iphone

    why u no put restore button further away from update button?

    i guess that's what no sleep in 2 days will do to…

    Oct 14, 112 replies
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    To shell or not to shell

    Peanuts. Do you eat the shell or crack the shell open and eat only the nut?

    People here are looking at me like I'm crazy for ea…

    Sep 13, 1133 replies
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    I hit a biker :/

    I'm behind the white line at a stop sign making a right hand turn.

    Oncoming traffic is 3 lanes of craziness.

    I check right …

    Sep 9, 1152 replies
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    subtraction vs addition

    Client: I have 100 hours worth of budget and I want all of this included.
    Us (sales): Sounds great!
    Us (designers): Is this a fu…

    Aug 5, 113 replies
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    The past 6 months here have been miserable and I can't seem to think of one reason to stay. Everything is broken from the top down…

    May 4, 1139 replies
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    What to do?

    I've been getting etrade statements for the better part of 8 years now and I have been throwing them straight into the trash, beca…

    Mar 29, 1114 replies
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    "Sigh" of the Day

    Our company took on a 150k project (full CMS and e-comm) for 50k recently, and to help cut costs on our end we're only contractual…

    Feb 28, 1110 replies
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    I don't like it when:

    - During creative reviews in Photoshop, my Creative Director starts turning on and off layers, changing c…

    Feb 3, 115 replies
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    X-Mas Card

    Facebook style.

    Yep. Because we're "a digital agency" this year our holiday card / gift idea will revolve around a Facebook ap…

    Nov 11, 101 replies
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    Video Players

    Howdy. Can anyone be so kind as to point me in the direction of well designed video players that incorporate a menu?

    I'm drawin…

    Sep 15, 106 replies
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    Samsung or Apple?

    I got a quick question for the masses. I'm currently running 2 Samsung SyncMaster 2443 24" displays which have a 20000:1 contrast …

    Sep 9, 1013 replies
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    I live in a 4 unit condo, top floor. For the past 5 years that I've lived in the building I've never had an issue with bugs. Early…

    Aug 9, 1015 replies
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    Anyone work for them, or have worked for them in the past? Thoughts? Opinions? Insider info?

    It would be much appreciated.

    Aug 5, 102 replies
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    Creative Process

    What works for you?

    - SOW
    - Written project brief
    - PB sent to team 2hrs before informal meeting
    - Informal creative mtng t…

    Apr 26, 106 replies
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    Yesterday I hit up my banks ATM machine and made a $40 withdrawal. The machine tried to spit out my money but only a little of the…

    Mar 29, 1026 replies
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    Visual Design Concepts

    Quick question. When you're tasked with creating 3 visual design concepts in 4 days should you,
    A) Spend the time creating and re…

    Oct 5, 0911 replies
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    why me?

    I did something rather stupid today. 4 months ago a creative staffing agency#1 wanted to send me to a well known firm and I said t…

    Mar 25, 0927 replies