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    How many people shit where you work? I don't shit so I resent that they get breaks all the time to go outside and shit themselves. It doesn't make any sense from a business point of view to let them waste studio time for what will inevitably result in a decreased workforce (through honks).

    So, I did some maths to calm myself:
    • there are 365 days a year
• in england there are 8 bank holidays
• there are roughly 104 days of weekend a year
• we get 25 days of paid holiday
    Therefore we work: 365-8-104-25= 228 days

    The average ploper in my studio has maybe 4 breaks a day of about 10 minutes. So that's 40 minutes a day. Which over a year is 9120 minutes, which is 152 hours which works out as over 6 days of shit time a year!
    6 DAYS!
    I want 6 extra days of holiday for not taking a crap.
    Although, maybe I already use that time on QBN, who knows. Just thought I'd put this info out there

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