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    I dont smoke at work but when im pissed i love a good cigarette.... mm tastes so good....
    I dont mind that the smokers go out for 5-10 min for a ciggy, infact sometimes I go out and stand with a coffee with them. It also makes me feel justified if i want to go sit in the kitchen for 10 min to fanny about, or to browse forums or read about stuff thats not work related. or even to take an extra 30 minutes on my lunch if im feeling brassy....

    I worked in a place (a leading creative studio) where I had to be at my desk and working for 9am... if i was in the kitchen making tea at 9.05 I would get shit for not being in on time... that fucked me off... but also smokers were not allowed out, outwith certain break times... Although this lead to me never working late and getting into 'You are expected to work late but never allowed to be 5min late to start ' arguments...

    What annoys me about smoking at work is the smell. Coming in after a smoke stinks. I breath it in from colleagues and it jumps down my throat and makes me fucking gag. I tell smokers, when I smell the smoke, that it stinks and could they 'go brush thier fucking teeth or something'.

    You know what its like when you are discussing something at a computer screen you get pretty close and well lets say if mateh hasn't washed your going to smell it.

    luckily most... i say most... are considerate and this happens rarley.

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    • haha I used to work with a guy that did the smoke/coffee combo all guy but damn he needed some gum or a toothbrush!designbot
    • toothbrush...same deal too I had to work right next to him because of the work we were doing.designbot

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