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    I did it for a long time (maybe a couple of years? been a while), then I went onto Insanity, did that for about 5 months, then I did P90X Plus for a month or two. Then I DLed Tony Horton's One on One DVD's which are kinda ghetto. Now, I'm just going in between all of the DVD's randomly.

    If you want to do Insanity and have done P90X before, you'll think the Plyometric workout in P90X is a break. Insanity is REALLY hard at first (it actually never becomes easy to do). I did it for a while and still think it's hard. I burn 800 - 1200 calories per workout, just to give you an idea. If you read the pamphlet that comes with the DVDs it says, if you can talk you're not working hard enough -- which is really true. But, it's easily the best workout out there. You'll feel like a million bucks after a couple of months. You'll think Dominique in P90X is a slacker after finishing Insanity (you'll probably think Dominique is a madman after doing P90X).

    After all of this, I still think the Yoga-X workout in P90X is still the 'hardest' workout overall to do. Yes, yoga.

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