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  • jfletcher0

    I've been doing it for about a year, but not straight. I travel a lot, so I've probably missed 2 months in the last year, and I was injured for about 6 weeks.

    Overall though I love the program. After a year I've added my own stuff to mix it up. I also have the P90X Plus stuff, which is great to mix in. I don't do the diet as I need a lot more food than they advise (since it sems mostly about losing weight and I try to gain.).

    Overall I recommend it to everyone I know. Better than any other workout routine I've done in the past 5+ years.

    • so are you moderately ripped?hektor911
    • moderately compared to most of the US would probably be correct.jfletcher
    • If I corrected my diet more and didn't drink as much I would say I'd be cut, but I like drinking and such.jfletcher
    • i share the same feeling...hektor911

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