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    From a purely logical argument the only sane stance with regard to God, god or GOD is one of agnosticism.

    • you're saying that believing "maybe" mythical powers exist is more sane than saying they don't at all?monospaced
    • yeah, monospaced it's actually more valid, long time ago someone believed the earth wasn't the center of the galaxy..GeorgesII
    • You would probably the kind who said it wasn't possible, can't believe in something can't prove right?GeorgesII
    • but evidence has, and always has, pointed that the sun is the center, despite RIDICULOUSLY STUPID religious beliefsmonospaced
    • I am partly of that group, Georges, but not entirelymonospaced
    • You're saying it now that science has proven it, go say it to Giordano bruno...GeorgesII
    • I'm so sick of the argument that science is obligated to disprove God. It's like trying to disprove Santa Claus and flying reindeer.monospaced
    • you are so smart and stuff,
      keep it up
    • I'm actually really, REALLY stupid. Just ask doctor Horp. She has diagnosed me with severe autism.monospaced
    • Horp is a right bitchy cow.moniker
    • Saying that 'god' doesn't exist is just as stupid and misinformed as saying it does exist....set
    • You have no clue one way or the other, you silly monocunt.set
    • In my opinion though God in the Christian belief is highly unlikely...set
    • okay, setmonospaced
    • Hey now. Play nicely.Horp
    • < God told me to tell you that.Horp

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