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    @ monospaced
    "you're saying that believing "maybe" mythical powers exist is more sane than saying they don't at all?"
    Did you know the 'proven' existence of the Higgs Boson is a maybe?
    Did you know that the speed of light, a 'universal constant' fluctuates?
    Given that these two fundamental 'truths' (according to scientists) are best guesses, 'maybe' seems appropriate.
    Do you have free will?

    • I totally understand this, and I have "faith" that science will sort it out. But thinking a "god" controls this is not gonna happenmonospaced
    • did you KNOW that science constantly questions itself? if you don't, then stop implying it doesn'tmonospaced
    • monospaced did you know my "free will" will prevent gravity from affecting me if I refuse to believe it?albums
    • I did, albums!monospaced
    • That's pretty moronic. Do you think free will exists?Morning_star

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