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  • GeorgesII0

    so I guess you're an atheist, by the small experience I've had with your online persona, you love correcting others english, you love saying others are dumb, you love putting yourself on a pedestal, because you and only you know everything,

    I could fill this page of experience I've had dabbling in the dark art, but what would be the point to argue with those who know everything,
    because you know science...

    this world is so big and there are so much thing to experience, it makes me sad to see people stuck in this cage which is no better than organized religion,

    get a plane ticket, go travel the world, go meet people you disagree with, listen to their point of view, do not impose yours,
    if you do this, maybe we will be able to talk on the same level

    • if you're going to communicate, do so with clarity.albums

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