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    ^^ You just need to realise that just because such questions make grammatical sense, they aren't necessarily a valid inquiry into the way the world works. 'What is the meaning of life ?'. What does that even mean ? There is no singular, overall meaning. That's not what meaning means. 'Does my life have a purpose ?'. If you want it to - there's no external record describing events that your life needs to encounter to fulfill some tertiary purpose. If you want there to be, then it's of your own initiative, according to your own values. That's the big, hard truth that religion tries to steer away from. It's a port from the storm that, contrary to there being an overall, possibly somewhat benevolent, oversight and singular source to the universe, that pervades all events, big and small, external AND internal - contrary to that idea, the real terrifying truth is that there is no one in charge, you are more or less alone with your thoughts and conclusions and wisdom, responsible for whatever you decide according to whatever morality you see fit to adopt or create. Responsible for the suffering of others by omission of your own intervention, or by your own cruel or justified hand, responsible for your own understanding of complex natural systems, and your place in it, either as a dumb primate, or a conscious human. The only rewards are knowledge of a proposed legacy of your liking, the only damnation the realization of potential wasted - both your own and your wider kin. The burden of self-consciousness IS the very fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil - with it we are indeed cast out of the ignorant bliss of our animal past, labored with an inner vision of ourselves, subject to our own judgments as we stand astride the natural world within us, and all our survival instincts, group and societal impulses as primates, and models of a better version of our world that we can create; a happier and more advanced idyll. Alas, we will not reach it by externalising our internal processes - the gods we seek are not without, but buried deep within us - our greatest glories and our darkest hells. Our gods as men and our fantasies of escape from earthly bodies.

    • thats what i meant! we ask stupid questions that can't be answered!!pango
    • sorry for the poor grammar... it's hot monday afternoon... i've got nothing todo other than drinking beer....pango
    • god is like this imaginary (IMO) guy someone created who is all mighty and bends all known rules of physics to answer our question.pango
    • questions. he's like this kid playing pick one power and he goes and pick the power to have any power!pango
    • i personally don't think there's such a standard as good and evil. everyone decides where the line is for them self.pango
    • "some people just wanna watch the world burn!" ohhh 4 more days!!pango

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