Services with incentivised onboarding

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  • orrinward20

    Thanks for these. I refer friends to Betfair for £25 a pop.

    These are good examples of incentivised sharing, but do you know of any services that gives users an extra push into using the service immediately after you sign up. Our service has a high-converting registration page but a low number of the signed up users then become regular users of the service as there's a bit of work involved in getting the benefits. Users have to install a bookmarklet and the benefits of the service really kick in after you've used the bookmarklet somewhere. A lot of people don't get that far.

    • none that spring to mind immediately but i'll keep my eye out. i have a similar problem with my app...sublocked
    • Wanna have a swap session over Skype or Google Hangout?orrinward2
    • for sure maybe this weekend? traveling today.sublocked

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