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    Mt. Helium - Faces (2008)…

    These guys were formerly known as The Apex Theory, which had a great EP in 2002 called Topsy-Turvy, which was a great breath of fresh air in the heavy prog-rock genre at the time.

    I rediscovered an old Apex Theory CD in my basement the other week and decided to look them up and see if they were still making albums and found out that they are the same line-up minus one - the original vocalist - but under a different name, Mt. Helium.

    My first listen of this album and I thought "It's heavy and good, and has a similar sound to apex theory."

    My second listen I really started to appreciate the complex rhythms and melodies the group is commanding. This is heavy prog-rock at it's best. Lot's of driving, deep, dark melodies with restrained use of double kick that makes you want to shake your head.

    This is good stuff. I recommend to all hard rock / metal fans who are looking for a good change up in their library. I wouldn't have taken the time to write this if I didn't think it was something special.

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