Why Gen Y Yuppies are Unhappy

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  • yurimon0

    Its obvious that creating such a generation is good for business and is the perfect combo for a good consumer serf. creating a generation of complacent, apathetic ass monkeys that through their selfish arrogance, who are unwillingly controlled by the system while pleading independence and all knowing wisdom of their egos is like watching a druggy who cant admit his problems.

    Where there is imperfection and where lost souls congregation there are brands to fill the void. Thus you have a job to do, designing for these poor souls to emotionally react to flat graphic and hand over cash money. get to work bitchez. these serfs cant wont spend cash without some kind of visual or media stimuli. so git. stimuli some graphics.

    • hail yurimon lord of the sheeplestepson
    • I talk like samuel jackson and rick james as if they waz immigrants bitchez.yurimon

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