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    the original robocop was shit, just ask people who were your age then.

    you're all getting old and ever increasingly vocal with your bitterness.

    • I can't see any bitterness here - perhaps you read too much of yourself into other people's posts?detritus
    • and you don't see the bitter? you must not have read the thread or your own reply.albums
    • your ability to ride my nuts though, is unparalleled, so kudos to youalbums
    • my silly wee joke was bitter? huh, you really do view the world through poisoned lenses.detritus
    • Given I largely ignore you unless youre making broad-sweeping accusations against QBNers, I'd hardly say I 'ride' your [no doubt withered, miniscule] testicles.detritus
    • your [no doubt withered, miniscule] testicles.detritus
    • I see bitterness, but the original was NOT shit.dopepope
    • No, it was and still is brilliant.MrT

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