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    Doing T25 now (same guy from Insanity, but only 25 minutes instead of 45 minutes). Easy to continue doing everyday, it's only 25 mins. Its physically harder than the first set of discs in Insanity but the shortened time makes it bearable. It's a shitload of squats and burpees though. You're literally sprinting for 25 minutes, as fast as you can go, no breaks. The ab routine in it kicks ass too, way better than p90x's or Insanity's. Insanity is a bit much, especially when you get to the 2nd set of discs (it really is insane and hard to keep up with or not feel like you're having a heart attack). 45 minutes sucks a big one too. Lost 22 lbs in 6 weeks so far w/ T25.

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