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    When I was in college I worked at a laundromat for 6 months or so. A big middle aged biker looking guy came in to drop off his laundry for me to do. He was 100 lbs heaver than me and mean as shit. Hells angles looking guy who probably doesn't even ride a bike. Yelled at me the whole time before leaving. Came back early to pick it up. Berated me because I didn't fold his socks properly. Finally left. Came back 10 minutes later because he thought I stole one of his headbands. It was in the garbage bag he brought his clothes in. I thought he was going to smash my face in. More yelling then he left.

    Sounds really lame when I tell it. But It was just me and him, he could have killed me and no one would have seen anything. I went home and was shaken for the rest of the night.

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