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    Scariest would be during childhood, my dad had serious rage issues. Mental and physical abuse shit, the usual, but one particular night I was sure he was going to beat me to death. Teen years and twenties I faced many violent situations, but felt dead inside, desensitized. Saddest moment would probably be watching a 19 year old executed by his own cousin. He begged not to die repeatedly, then bled out, wiggling around as it started to rain on him, then he stopped moving. Over a dozen rounds point blank as he lay on his back in the fetal position.

    • Wow... WTFmg33
    • wtf damnmoldero
    • where was this?moldero
    • Kansas City, KansasZOOP
    • Fuuuckinv
    • I want to ask for details but I dont want to bring that shit back for you, that sounds fuckin nutsmoldero
    • Maybe I should write it all out one day, just to try and make sense of it all, idk.ZOOP

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