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    I was on a flight home from Boston maybe 4 years ago, from a business trip. I think they held the flight a bit because of some mechanical problems, which is always enough to make you a little nervous.

    During the flight I started to smell something strange. I immediatly started to worry if it was something mechanical since it smelled like burning rubber, and slightly sulfuric. My worry quickly turned from a mechanical issue with the plane, to disgust with the woman in stone washed jean shorts next to me who definitely just ripped the fart of the century, and definitely was going to continue ripping them for the rest of the flight. Suffering through it wasn't the scary part. Wondering how I was gonna make it through without laughing my ass off at how sick they were was scary. It was so gross. It was if a week worth of Brussels sprouts, partially digested meat, and years of stored farts were being fired off. At one point I had to breath through my shirt sleeve, trying so hard to not bust out laughing.

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