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    i've been held up at gunpoint as a teen, etc... but nothing will ever top when my less-than-a-year-old son began to choke on a fish cracker and stopped breathing and i had to deal with it, checked his mouth frantically - called an ambulance, they were at my house in less than a minute like five of them with equipment out etc. it was crazy, he ended up coughing it out like no big deal.

    basically in that moment nothing else in life mattered, nothing else could scare the shit out of me more than that. and when it was over and i answered all of their questions and finally exhaled, blowing out all my air and about ten years of my life that I am sure had just been shaven off my life with sheer terror.

    he's seven now, and i still cut his grapes into two pieces. and joke with my wife about putting his meals in a blender. and i yell at him to chew his food dammit! it still haunts me.

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    • I choked when i was a kid and my dad saved me. Scary thing!benfal99

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