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    2004. i had cluster headache attacks you wouldn't fucking believe, some lasting 13-30 days straight. the pain was so intense all i could do was try and lower my body temperature by sitting in ice water in the bathtub or curling up on the bathroom floor, throwing up from the pain every hour or so regardless of whether anything was in it. i couldn't keep anything down, food only made it worse. lost 60 pounds. threw up blood. tried to kill myself by smashing my head into the toilet as hard as i could. could never get comfortable as i couldn't move or change position... no sleep, no words, only screams... i was in a different dimension than everyone else, one made completely out of pain. it would get so intense i'd have seizures and piss myself. i spent half a year like this, on the bathroom floor, in tears, snot and drool streaming from my face. hospitals unable to help me, family worried sick. racked up enormous bills as doctors scratched their heads unable to do anything but pump me full of morphine, doses so high i'd hallucinate. it was the worst hell i could imagine.

    then one day it just stopped.

    • what the hell. random.dbloc
    • i had those, but they only lasted a few minutes, thats crazy, those are fuckin brutalmoldero
    • Wow! Happy its over for you manbenfal99

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