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    About 10 years ago my Mother became erratic. Her father had recently passed and she was 6 months into retirement after 30+ years as a private school English/Music teacher for emotionally disturbed kids. Her phone calls consisted of odd/left field questions and she started to become unhinged.

    One Saturday afternoon I received a phone call from my step father saying that he just ended an argument with her while driving and she had asked him to get out of the car on a random highway 2 hours away from home. She then attempted to hit him with her car while screaming out of the window that she was going home.

    I proceeded to her house where behind the door she told me that if I tried to enter she would shoot. I then heard her, behind the door, taking pictures with her camera (she's a photo buff) and when I eventually entered the house she had every knife taped to every window and photos of the family ripped and torn about the house. I, single handedly, had to have her committed to a hospital, via police and handcuffs, in order to get her diagnosed and on a proper course of medication.

    I visited her everyday and I would then distract the nurses while she had a cigarette in the bathroom. She's an awesome woman who's suffering from this awful biological condition that she cannot control. I love and accept her condition, no stigma, this shit is real.

    • I can empathize with this. My mom lost it in a similar manner from bipolar/schizophreni... Tragic diseases. I love you for holding strongFawnDog
    • holding strong and sticking by her side.FawnDog

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