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    I was heading to meet some friends at a party. The light ahead of me just turned green so I proceeded at my current speed. There was a teen aged girl driving a giant SUV. Apparently she she was trying to make it through the light to make a left. So she hit the gas and started accelerating. Once I saw her car pick up speed I knew she was going to hit me. She tagged me in the rear of my car as I passed through the intersection. My car started to slide sideways and then caught the ground. I started flying through the air. Everything was floating in my car as I started going upside down, then Bam! the front end and roof slammed the ground. The car then flipped back over, this time front to back, and landed on its wheels. When I looked up I was facing the opposite direction on the street.

    As soon as I gained my composure a group of kids ran up to me saying. "HOLY SHIT, That was out of fucking movie, I've never seen anything like that. You flipped 3 times in the air! Are you ok?" I didn't feel anything was real wrong with me so I climbed out the passenger side window. They were telling me I should sit down in case anything was wrong. I immediately thought about the 2 grams of chronic and my pipe that was stashed in the car. One of the kids had dreads and I looked at him and mumbled, "Man I got some weed in the car I need you to get it out." He looked at me like WTF did this guy just say. So i dismissed the question and lumbered back to my car. Sure enough the pipe was sitting on the floor so reached in and grabbed it. I then stumbled to the side of the road and chucked it. I immediately felt a sharp pain in my back but all I could think about was finding the bud. By this time the girl who hit me was out and was saying she was sorry and was looking at her GPS. The other kids were urging me to sit down. I immediately saw the container which had flown out of my car on the street. I picked it up and waddled back over to the edge of the street and tossed it. At this point I took their advice and posted up on a bridge post, and immediatly the paramedics arrived.

    The next day I went to pick up the police report. The cops told me that its unbelievable that I was walking. Most accidents like mine usually ended up with the person being seriously injured or worse. I told my wife to take me where the wreck happened and asked her to pull over. I walked into the grass and boom there was my bowl. A few feet away was the bud. I went back to the car and my wife started sniffing. She said "Are you fucking kidding me! You went to get your fucking weed. I thought you were just reflecting on what happened." So I responded, "Its some ass good weed baby." To which she responded, "Your such a fucking drug addict!"

    Earlier that day my pookie ass sister stopped by to see how I was doing. I told her the story and how I tossed my weed on the side of the road. As we were driving away in middle of my wife scolding me she suddenly said. "Just like your friends. Oh shit, there goes Victor (my sisters husband) right there!" I looked up to see him combing the side of the road. So we honked and I yelled out the window, "Yo Vic, your in the wrong spot, its two block up the road!"

    It didn't really set in how serious the accident was until I saw the car. The entire roof was smashed in over the drivers side. All the front windows were shattered. The back end of the car was completely smashed and the tire was inverted where she hit me. All I can say is I got out of allot of shit that day and it was certainly one of the scariest moments of my life.

    • sounds recent, you are very lucky. your wife needs to chill out and educate herself thoughZOOP
    • Thats what I said!

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