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    Several years ago when I still lived in Edinburgh I was drinking at a mate's house. We'd battled through most of a 24-pk of Miller and a few Jack Daniels between us but neither of us were really that wasted.

    Around 2am I decided to head home, which was about a 10 min walk around the corner (Leith, Edinburgh). I avoided the industrial estate and took the main roads – notoriously dangerous, but quiet as fuck at that time of the morning. I was listening to my iPod and turned the corner on to my street. Out of the corner of my eye I saw three guys come out of a flat on the other side of the street and cross over behind me. I turned the music off but kept my headphones in. I could hear them talking about me.

    A little further on two of the guys walked off, leaving one of them following me. He was saying shit elike "Aye, keep walkin cunt, ah've got a samurai doon ma troosers" which sounds comical now but filled me with dread as I was still a good few hundred yards from my door. I got all the way to around 100ft from my door when a police car passed me heading the same direction. I though that I was fucked, they won't see me and will keep going. I'll be full of holes in five minutes.

    Luckily the police car did a u-turn. I waved my hand low in front of my belly so it wouldn't look like I was flagging them down, and the car swerved in front of me. A police woman got out and radioed for backup immediately.

    Turned out the guy behind me was carrying a big fuck-off knife and had a warrant out for his arrest. Aggravated assault, robbery, all that shit. Spent the next few hours shaking in the police station.

    • what the fuck is wrong with these nutters? the UK seems to be the capital of batshit crazy_niko

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