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    When I was a kid, I was walking down my building's long hallway late at night, heading back home from my cousin's place on a higher floor, when I see these two older black dudes walking up ahead, looking back at me and acting really shady.

    They're whispering to each other and they make a left into a short corridor that leads to a stairwell. I pause for a few seconds 40 ft from that corridor and try and listen to hear if they are gone. I have a bad feeling and my gut tells me that I should run the other way as fast as I can, go back up to my cousin's house, but my apartment is at the end of the hallway only 100 feet away, and i don't know why, but for some stupid reason I decided to keep going ahead.

    I'm taking a few steps and stopping and listening, very cautious like and nervous as hell. I'm now almost at the corridor and convinced myself that they were gone, and that if they really wanted to hurt me they would just have turned around and done so earlier, and not tried to ambush me or whatever.

    So I'm a few steps away and scared but trying to convince myself not to be such a wuss and that there's nothing to worry about, and just as I pass the corridor, the two big black guys jump out from behind the corner and shout "BOO!" and start to laugh their asses off. I was scared shitless for a second then I was like "fuckers" and started laughing with them.

    Ended much better than expected.

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