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    Now is the time people to allow our apps to 'literally' control our daily interactions with the other humans in your life! Or not. You decide.

    "Created by Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald, pplkpr is an app that tracks, analyzes, and auto-manages your relationships. Using a smartwatch, pplkpr monitors your physical and emotional response to the people around you, and optimizes your social life accordingly."


    The future of human-kind possibly, but hopefully not, represented in the following video presentation:

    • to ponder... will the app be held responsible for failed relationships?prophetone
    • ...will there be people out there who will get their hands on this and follow every command it deduces?prophetone
    • ...sort of like how people put too much trust in their car's nav'y system and wind up in a lake at some point?prophetone
    • yes.prophetone
    • and no.prophetone
    • to the future!prophetone
    • How many wrist sizes should this fit? Oh I don't know, ALL OF THEM!!IRNlun6
    • logical progression,georgesIII
    • This might be very useful for the autistic peeps. A friend of mine's autistic son comes home every day with a questions about his interactions with people...Gnash
    • ... did he handle them well, should he have done something different.Gnash
    • interesting conceptutopian

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