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    Some faves:

    WICKED CITY (classic)

    JIN ROH (Momoru Iishi - ghost in the shell director)

    RUNNING MAN (short anime - you may have seen from Liquid Television days)

    You said no school gils, but dude - this is a classic -
    I used to drop yellow felix and purple jesus, then throw this on...
    They have a huge robot airforce battle at the end with coca cola rockets and other subliminal stuff - hilarious.


    THis film is about a possessed hospital bed - I shit you not!
    By OTOMO (guy who did Akira manga and film)


    FIST OF THE NORTH STAR (classic if you haven't seen)

    DEMON CITY SHINJUKU (another classic)


    REDLINE (hyperspeed film - insane design from evengelian director)

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