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    Stopped responding to emails? I've been there before. It's a dickless move—sometimes. I imagine some people are just too busy to respond to every email...

    I had an agency in SF ask me to complete a UX test that took 8 hours! I told them why it wouldn't really show them how I work. I proposed a quick freelance project but, of course, I never heard back.

    I guess some employers know they have you by the balls. If the design test is somewhat reasonable and doesn't take a whole day it?

    • I hope they were offering compensation for that 8 hour test. If not, F it.bort
    • They were NOT offering $$$. That's why I asked them to do a quick freelance project with me. They declined so I didn't do the test.studderine
    • It takes real balls to ask candidates to do an 8 hr test for free. Good on you for trying to find a work around.bort

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