Super Bowl 50

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    is it me or is this game pretty boring?

    • disagree... tight score... lots of fumbling / kicks hitting the uprights etc... some great runs / long passes...
      ...what game are you watching, dink? :)
    • denver vs ne was a good game. this is a snoozer2002
    • agreed... that Denver / NE game was great... except for the outcome :(PonyBoy
    • ne tried hard and very smart plays but couldnt close it2002
    • yes, a boring game...but the commercials are worst!utopian
    • ^ yeah commercials are getting worst every year but getting pricier2002
    • Pretty boring when you don't care for the outcomes. I thought watching the new spots might be fun. But its not.instrmntl
    • Go Broncos! :-)formed

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