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  • nb2

    Still, nothing beats the hip, retro, vintage, classic nostalgia of a ThinkPad.

    • The angle of this picture makes it look like it's being tossed into a trash bin.nb
    • red dot mouse suckedhotroddy
    • I don't get the appeal of these.reanimate
    • wow! people still make those laptop with joystick? or whatever you call em.pango
    • Last time i saw one was in the 90s.pango
    • I know two people who have these and like them a lot, actually.nb
    • I've used thinkpads for years. Can't beat the keyboard, and once you get used to the trackpoint, trackpads start to feel very left-handed.garbage
    • if only they would make very fast, very slim ones. the carbon x with a proper gpu would be ace!mekk
    • Just look at that glorious fat bezel.nb

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