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    Me, I'd start with a pad and pencil, get the basic idea across, then make it all perfect in digital, by hand.

    • And I'd make it out of seperate single curve lines that I could then repeat and possibly scale, and then use as a mask/end delineator.detritus
    • 'discrete' is probably a better description than 'seperate', which sounds a bit obvious!detritus
    • thanks, but trying to figure out a way to create several versions easily, so by hand won't fly :)monospaced
    • Once you've got the logic from the sketch laid out, it's a few copy'n'pastes'n'shif... 'by hand', but whatever.detritus
    • "..'n'shifts"detritus
    • 'whatever' meant blithely. I've got to stop using that word.


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