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    Meh. Like, really meh.

    Not because I don't think this isn't scandalous in any way, I do.

    The thing is everyone has known that the people at the top — politicians, business people, athletes, celebrities and so on — are crooked, exploitative, self-enriching cunts. If we didn't have the concrete proof before, the suspicion was so strong and so commonly found that it was de facto for all of us. Despite these strong (and well-founded) suspicions, it's not like people rose up en masse to overthrow the corruption and the ruling class, is it?

    This leak will change nothing. It's just the confirmation of a long-held suspicion, and people will simply shrug their shoulders and say, 'Well, I was right', then carry on with whatever it was they were doing — all the while thinking there's nothing they can do, this is just how things go and no-one goes punished for it.

    The WikiLeaks produced no results in the end, the NSA leaks barely caused a ripple after the initial outrage, and so on and so forth.

    We're all so tired, beaten down and think we're all powerless that this will be a thing in the papers for a couple of weeks, there might be a couple of red faces, but nothing substantial or meaningful will come of it and it will die down and go away after the initial media blast.

    Cynical? Fucking right I am.

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