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  • detritus3

    Regardless the root cause/purpose/intent of all this—

    I am *very* glad to see that at least the idea or spirit of journalistic virtue is getting an inflation with this and the Snowden revelations.

    It felt for a good 15 years there that Capital J Journalism was lying in the gutter with the crap beaten out of it by the internet and commercial pressures.

    I hope this inspires our younger generations as I hope it inspires everyone who's become too accustomed to free media that there are perhaps things still worth sticking our hands in our pockets and actually paying for.

    • Also, +1 digital data, as much as it's a double-edged sword for us plebs... it's a double edged sword for the cunts in control too.detritus
    • +1OBBTKN

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