DIY Sampling Drum Synth Box of Death

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  • prophetone0

    I like to tinker, make things, mess around... love synths and drum machines and ui/industrial design.

    Want to build something that can be as useful as a MD or OP-1 but built diy for sub $200 and can feel a sense of achievement in a cool little project. Maybe it becomes a kit or at least something that others can see in the flesh on Youtube or feeds and be all "that is super cool" then build for themselves. This is what I do myself, in awe of others' ingenuity with respect to diy synths, arduino, raspi, etc.

    If I wanted to buy a Monomachine I could march into a music shop and do just that. But where's the sport in that? I like nerd challenges.

    And speaking of the OP-1 and Teenaging Engineering ui in general, love the fun Game & Watch flavored ui approach to things and that would be a cool thing to achieve, build out a gui for something like PD and have some fun with it. That would be next level though.

    Also, I haven't seen anyone else do 'this' quite this way. I think there may be others out there who are interested in the same thing but need to see it in action to find the maker motivation. Which is me when I come across things on YT and in forums, I see it and think 'ok it can be done', how can I put my spin on it?

    • Dont buy Monomachine.. looks amazing, seriously underwhelming in reality. ended up selling it after 6 monthsautoflavour
    • I have been drooling over it for a long time, and frankly it IS the catalyst for this endeavour. I want more tho in a box, namely sampling as well.prophetone
    • A lot of the drool is the form factor, admittedly, i love the layout, the industrialness of it. But I believe I can achieve that as diy.prophetone
    • Really? I love my monomachine...thinki... of upgrading to MKII so I can use custom wave table samples.sublocked

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