DIY Sampling Drum Synth Box of Death

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  • microkorg0

    Sounds like an amazing project and I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

    A lot of musicians are also into programming or at least hacking and building their own stuff. Projects like the DIY Shruthi from Mutable Instruments was a big success and no doubt the Organelle will be too.

    You do lose a lot of potential customers that way though as there's probably more musicians who just want something to play with not build, hack or have to program themselves.

    There were a lot of third party folks offering to build Shruthi's for money for those kinds of musicians though. Which is one answer.

    The great thing about the OP-1 is that it's so playable. Even a kid can sit down and tweak about with it and understand bits and bobs. It doesn't rely on any musical or technical knowledge due to the fun graphic interfaces and colour coded controls/knobs.

    If the OP-1 was hackable I'm sure it would appeal to a lot of people. But me, i'd just keep it as it is.

    Perhaps the way to go would be to keep it semi-hackable. So that people could create synths, sequencers, programs etc for it that could be sold via an online marketplace.
    That way developers can make money from these kind of things and you can get a little kickback too ;)

    Amazing if you could get this all within $200 for the DIY kit - I could see demand being massive for this price.
    You should think about doing limited runs of ready-built ones too to catch the wider market.
    When Bastl Instruments started off making the wonderful MicroGranny they offered it as a DIY kit and ready built too.
    I love the stuff this company comes out with - completely out of the box. Their wooden modular system is lovely!

    OTO Machines in france is a company well worth checking out. They do beautiful little boxes hand-made and charge a real premium for them and people snap them up. I'd love one of their Biscuits but don't think I could justify the spend for a effects box.

    Another French one-man company ( i think) is Twisted Elektrons. I got their Acid8 - a little 303 type machine. Built well and at a very generous price. Again, hand-made and done in runs. They do some other decent little boxes too.

    My advise would be to do something that looks real good. Set up a nice looking site and this will allow you to sell for a nice price.
    Maybe your standard kit is $200 but there's other options that could bump the price up.

    Think it was Mutable Instruments Ambika that could take up to 6 voices. Each was a card that you could buy. So if you wanted a 1 voice synth the kit was pretty inexpensive. But if you wanted a six voice it was a hefty price.

    Hope that little rant has been of some informative value.

    Keep us updated!

    • Thanks. Yeah I am aware of all of those products, live the OTO design, may get a Microgranny, haven't yet b/c I have an original WTPA sample kit i shud build!prophetone
    • I will be breadboarding this out as soon as I get some time, get a working proto happening. And design the box and layout etc as well.prophetone
    • I think at first it'll be for me... and depending on if I achieve something cool and feedback is positive maybe pcbs and getting serious is a possibility.prophetone
    • happy to lend an opinion on any developments btw.microkorg
    • thanks! i might start out in fritzing maybe and go from there, post some junk here as i go for review/harshcritprophetone

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