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    The intimidation factor is great with this app, and the work it can produce. The interface is mind boggling at first. So to beat that, try to do something fun everyday in it. No matter what. It's the daily practice that will lessen the confussion and strengthen confidence. Learning the shortcuts is ideal too, to save time. In time you'll just 'know' stuff, and won't fear exploration. But you GOTTA put the time in.

    • i feel like once i get over the interface being different than adobe's it could be very intuitive. already it seems easier than maya to sketch stuff out quicklyscarabin
    • Yup. Once you get the hang of how to move the clay around, you can really move fast.dopepope
    • What is it you really want to do with it? Organic? Still life? Abstracts? Characters?dopepope

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