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    I think that Conservative are going to get a big fright.
    If more under 20's get their asses along to vote then Conservatives can get chucked out very easily.
    Corbyn is doing right by talking to the youth and hooking up with grime stars.

    Conservative is banking on people voting as they usually do - where the majority is old people voting.
    With social media highlighting so much of the Conservative shortcomings, rich-favouring policies and BBC bullshit the younger and online generation is very much anti-conservative.

    May is very very far removed from reality and is too shit-scared to do any debates because she knows she'll fail.

    The craziest thing is that May wants to bring back Fox hunting!
    When something like 85% of the population is ANTI fox hunting, that's the most stupidest c*nting thing she could ever do. It's like she WANTS to fail!

    • it's not that she wants to, rather she knows that she can't. there just aren't enough grime fans out thereFax_Benson
    • <- She does mate. That's the thing. She knows Brexit is going to be a catastrophe and doesn't want to carry the can for it.monoboy
    • So lose or form a coalition and then blame it on the other party when it goes tits up.monoboy
    • i hoping the 18-24s have got their shit together ...Bluejam
    • You never know. Corbyn has definitely caused a groundswell there.monoboy

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