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  • Gnash0

    So done with inkjets

    Anybody here have any recommendations on laser printers? looking for colour, not B+W.

    • epsonimbecile
    • ^ i didn't know they made laser printersGnash
    • I have an Epson XP-340 all in one printer/scanner. Small, compact and reliable. $45-utopian
    • ^ I have the epson xp440. I just want out of the inkjet game - tired of the clogged nozzles, constant nozzle-cleaning (which uses a ton of ink), crap qualityGnash
    • they're cheap, but I need to move one. I had a laser printer for years before it died, bought inkjet because way cheaper.Gnash
    • move on, not 'one'Gnash
    • I'm in the same boat - I have two once-great but now PoS inkjets that have hundreds of £s of now useless ink cartridges. Need a basic Laser.detritus
    • As much as I dislike the company, the last laser printer I had was a cheapo Samsung, which was great, so was thinking to start checking what they've gotdetritus
    • keep us posted :) I've been looking at those, tooGnash

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