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  • Miguex2

    If you are on the "downloading" side of the transaction for big files, Dropbox forces you to sign up and to pay them money to download.
    Even if the "uploading/ hosting" site is a paying subscriber.


    Which offer the options of free and paid subscription for the party "uploading/ hosting files", without affecting the "downloading" party in any way.

    • +1 this bullshit. Will not use Dropbox because of it.monNom
    • totally agree... just sucks some of the agencies and a 'big' client I work w/all stuff DB w/files... I have to maintain a pro account monthly :/PonyBoy
    • i did not know this. Before I subscribed I didn't remember ever having an issue downloaded DB filesGnash
    • https://www.youtube.…Miguex

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