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    Is there any good comparisons out there for these kind of tools, specifically with how they work for web design? They all seem to be targeting app UI designers.

    I've tried using Sketch briefly, but didn't like the way it handles type (unable to use different paragraph styles within one text box) which is a bit of a deal breaker, so went back to Photoshop (which is slow & messy, but gets the job done).

    • Sketch is the shit! Why do you need different styles per textbox? I work with an eyebrow, headline, body copy, CTA. All in separate text boxes. No biggie.Frosty_spl
    • Because I want them to all flow together, as one block of text. Seperate text boxes is messy and convoluted.Nathan_Adams
    • You can select multiple boxes and change the width etc and have them all follow suit. No idea why you would need it all in one box.set

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