Should I bill for today?

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    I used to permalance at an agency where sometimes they didn't have work, and I'd go home early in the afternoon. I was cool with it BC I had other things I wanted to work on. But other times I would go home early and they'd get upset bc some project came in and I wasn't there. Lame, I know.

    It was this constant back and forth of "should I stay here, and fuck around on the internet for hours, or nah". But that was the deal and they took care of me otherwise.

    Sometimes days would go by where I was doing nothing. That situation was different but it left me second guessing myself. So yeah, that's why I asked the question.

    Def. gonna bill for this one, thanks all!

    • I'm in a very similar situation... BUT I bill them a slightly lower rate for being there but not doing any work... works pretty well for both of us.set
    • I have a retainer, so they pay me that rate even if I work from home and do nothing.. or leave 4 hours early one day...set
    • It's an incentive to fill my time with billable work, because then we're both better off, but is enough to happily live on if I'm not doing anything...set
    • ... but low enough for them to justify it in order to have me around.set
    • Have been doing that for over 7 years now. Everyone's happy.set
    • Cool story I knowset
    • I very much enjoyed it mate, 10/10 would read again :)Hombre_Lobo
    • Hombre!! Haha where have you been mate.. We've missed youset
    • hahah hello mate! lol you're too kind! Not been on here for ages, checked back the other day, good to see some familiar faces! How are you dude? :DHombre_Lobo

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