Should I bill for today?

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    Depends on if you sacrificed other billable work. If you did, then bill them, but if you worked on other things don't. It's about integrity, imho.

    If I billed clients based off of when they 'said' they would get me information/approvals/etc. projects would just explode. I assume that 75% of the time what they say will be wrong.

    It also depends on if you are billing via your employer or directly (if they are your client). If it's your employer, then it's a little different.

    • Not sure I agree. If they've booked you for the day but don't give you work... you bill them. If you choose to work on other stuff anyway, so what...set
    • Though to be fair, if it's your first job with them, and you genuinely had nothing else to do, it might be a good starting point to not charge this one timeset
    • even if you had nothing else to do*set
    • I prefer lump fees for this reason. If the cost is known, the time is irrelevant.formed

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