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  • mg339

    I had one in October. If you are going to do it, ABSOLUTELY find a doctor that does the no needle / no scalpel procedure. Mine was a piece of cake.

    - Took a valium on the way to the clinic.
    - They use a little pneumatic gun to deliver anesthetic in three little spots, forming a triangle. It literally feels like snapping a rubber band on your wrist. By the third "shot" if you want to call it that, you don't even feel it.
    - They then use this little needle that kind of expands when it makes a little cut in the skin. They go in and grab each tube, one at a time, cut it, cauterize it, then put a gauze bandage on and send you on your way.

    The whole thing took 15-20 minutes. They don't even use stitches. I was able to shower the next morning, go to work, even worked out that day. At best I took 600mg of ibuprofen a few times but that was about it. No ice. No sitting on a bag of peas. There was a little pain, mostly from the skin just healing back up, but I can't believe how easy it was.

    I've got for one post-surgery fertility test, which was negative, and have to do one more in February.

    If you're going to do this, DO NOT go the old route of needle + scalpel + stitches if you can avoid it. That method is archaic next to what they're doing now. I've even heard there's a laser procedure they can do that's beyond even what I had done.

    • still gives me the heebie-jeebiesSunSunSun_
    • Question. Does firing off a 'load' feel any different?monoboy
    • No. Not in any way whatsoever. I've basically forgotten that I had the procedure done.mg33
    • And, fyi, in the US we call it a "salvo."
    • this doesn't sound bad at all._niko
    • It wasn't. During the procedure I just sat there chatting with the doctor about random stuff. It was amazing how quickly it was over.mg33
    • Glad you had an easy time. Last I read many (maybe 14%?) ppl experience complications, there is a forum, which I cannot recall, where they converge.sofas
    • But maybe technology and procedures have improved since...sofas
    • How long after the surgery does it take effect, as in shooting reliable blanks?MHDC
    • Thinking I might go for it soon. Thanks for the info.monoboy
    • man...things have sure improved since I did it... mine was the 'old' way.....not much fun.
      glad it's done though...
    • Different question and you do not have to answer it, if you do not want to (really, no offense too), but I am curious: Why?Longcopylover
    • Ah, sorry, didn't see it was a whole thread. I will find the answers.Longcopylover
    • My friend had a hell of a time recovering from the old school way.section_014
    • I'm in queue for one, but have been putting it off. I'm scared as fuck, TBH...but this procedure sounds like the way I want to do it!davey_g
    • if you can do it this new way, i recommend it. the old way aint much fun..on the other hand, wasn't THAT bad....exador1
    • assuming it all goes well, your bag is pretty swollen for a few days.... some minor discomfort there.exador1
    • Longcopy - to answer your question - wife and I have two happy, healthy kids, 3 yrs. old and 7 mos. old. That's all we wanted.mg33
    • If a doctor is still doing the two incision scalpel method. I'd be worried. The method mg33 describes, and I had, has been around 10-20 years now.ETM
    • I was very worried initially, but couldn't believe how quick the procedure and recovery was. Spontaneous sex without protection or worry is so good! lolETM
    • No more facials.hotroddy
    • Still facials. It's sperm that's gone, not the seminal fluid. You can't tell the difference unless you have a microscope.ETM
    • Good to hear. That was a deal breaker.hotroddy
    • Party on Wayne!jaylarson
    • Yeah, it's not like after getting one done it's just a bunch of air coming out.mg33

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