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  • misterhow1

    Don't do it. I have two kids with my ex. New wife wants to try. I had a reversal. It didn't work. Now they're sticking thick straws in me to extract sperm. My best advise...don't do it. You never know if you'll want to have more kids. No ball surgeries...elective or otherwise.

    • advice not advise. ugh.misterhow
    • "More kids" are the worst. Find a new new wife that doesn't want kids, and instead wants to be able to afford a fancy trip twice a year.mathinc
    • ^ + a billionGnash
    • I love my kids. I know I do not want any more. ffs, I'm almost 40 anyway.bulletfactory
    • You'll have twins, man. I know it. Don't fall for it. Let her pick out a cat.mathinc
    • Some of us know...ETM

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