password protecting an html page

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  • detritus2

    Easiest/best way to password protect something on a server you have access to is to password protect the folder server-side, using something an .htaccess rule.

    This claims to encrpyt the html itself, which sounds complicating and or nt quite as ideal as it makes out - if something's entirely in client-side javascript, it can only really fundamentally rely upon obfuscation as protection = no protection at all.

    • eg. https://davidwalsh.n…detritus
    • Jesus christ, i didn't even drink last night. Just pretend all that made some sort of sense.detritus
    • yep .htaccess is a v.simple methodfadein11
    • A really shabby alternative is to use a gobbledygook folder name that's unlinked from anywhere. Ok for temporary 'private' sharing.detritus
    • ...which strikes me as being fundamentalyy the same as the JS/HTML thing you linked.detritus

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