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  • mugwart3

    Story was pretty decent as well. Most characters were great. Some fell to cliché but overall really enjoyed it.

    Most importantly my kid and his mate were enthralled and really taken in by it. Normally after a film I have to have a 'talk' about some of the content but our talks were only positive, so they did a great job.

    loved the father son relationship, was great to that, you don't normally get that these days. Genders/races were done correctly and not being self righteous, ie real world no one cares. annoying parts though (said as I hate stereotyping)

    Shaders were simply incredible. FX first class and the animation was probably some of the best America has ever produced. Colour choices were incredibly hard to manage in a pipeline and worked really well so their brave choice paid off massively. Cameras were really fun as was the post effects.

    Very bold film for a main stream film. Quite refreshing, sat in, sat back and laughed a lot. What films should be IMAO.

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