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  • autoflavour1

    Jesus that was intense.
    Wished I was on acid
    Instead I stupidly went with a mild headache instead.
    Not a good idea.

    Fucking amazing tho.

    • Visually it’s like getting skull fucked by a machinegunautoflavour
    • hahh, skipped yesterday because my head was killing me. i think i made the right choice, however now i'm the asshole who missed a great moviested
    • so i think i'm going to leave early today and go alone :)sted
    • its so good.. but yep, its a bit like Enter the Void was smashed into a Spiderman movie at high speedautoflavour
    • My mate said he wished he'd went to see it on acid too. Reckon with 3d glasses it would be good too.PhanLo

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