Help with stuttering.

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  • hotroddy2

    It's a MENTAL condition that causes a PHYSICAL condition.
    Your throat i (or diaphram or something) contracts as you are trying to talk in high stress situations.

    You can use positive and negative space to illustrate these two worlds (mental and physical)

    • Incorrect. Stuttering happens when electrical neurons in the brain fail to connect with one another. It's not a MENTAL thing.matski
    • there is a thing called "blocks" which is physical.hotroddy
    • never mind matski. i thought you're point was that it wasn't physicalhotroddy
    • but stress has a role to play in it so it is partly mental.hotroddy
    • Do you have a stutter hotroddy?matski
    • If it's neurons in the brain then of course it's a mental thing, you just contradicted yourself...?set
    • matski - yes, i speak two languages and one more than the other.hotroddy
    • No set - "Mental" is psychological. Neurons misfiring is a "Physical" thing (happening in the brain).matski
    • They misfire because of mental or emotional issues. If singing or stress affects it, like you say, then you cannot deny that to be true.set

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