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  • PhanLo0

    All the comments on that article are negative, weird.
    The level of fitness to be good at B-Boying these days is extremely high. Loads of the moves they do are in other sports already part of the Olympics.
    They've worked for years on the judging system too.

    • It's about as irrelevant to the spirit of the original Olympics as dressage as, so fuckit all in a hat.Nairn
    • agree, i'd rather watch this than that ribbon gymnastics thing or any of the other dancing competitions._niko
    • but I'd rather they do away with any judged events. Even boxing or wrestling, let them fight to the death like the good old days lol_niko
    • the spirit of olympics is to compete peacefully instead of having wars and kill each others. very b-boy.
      N&_n: report to the 'signs you are getting old' thread.

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