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  • Maaku0

    ^ That's great and I would definitely try that in the right context with my future employer. I decided I will not renew my contract after August. I'm definitely underpaid, I don't get any benefits and I'm not set up for success.

    By the way, they are supposed to launch the product I've been working on since last October by the end of August.

    • Find a new gig first before leaving! It's hard out there these days...grafician
    • But still plenty of UX Designer jobs all around.grafician
    • Stay until after the product is launched, so you can have a case study to show for in your folio.grafician
    • I know things are hard but I rather drive for Amazon or Uber than keep working in this toxic environment. I'll figure it out :)Maaku
    • With enterprise experience, go for Amazon, just saying...Good luck buddy, we're here if you need anything elsegrafician

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