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  • CyBrainX0

    One of the thousands of frustrating things here is that Trump is going down big time in this election. He's losing in every swing state. He might even lose in Georgia and Texas which haven't been swing states since Lyndon Johnson passed civil rights legislation.

    And don't say polls got it wrong last time, Hillary was up 7 - 10% before Comey and 3% after. That's what she won by. The polls don't account for the electoral college. The polls were dead on the money.

    • frustrating? he's a direct result of all that is wrong with him as a person.imbecile
    • What I find frustrating is that people don't seem to know that Trump is going to lose easily - as if there's no possible way to tell what's going to happen.CyBrainX
    • Let’s hope, but we said the same thing about Clinton last time up until the final day she was winning handily by all polls and metrics_niko
    • now i'm on boardimbecile
    • Cy, I am afraid trump won’t lose easily. He’s got so many deathbobos sucking his teet it’s not even funny.monospaced
    • Plenty of time for Biden's pedo tapes to come out. That's why he's faking the dementia... he knows wot's coming down the pipe.Doris_McSquirter
    • Hair sniffing, rapist pedo Biden. 2020Doris_McSquirter
    • ^ Trump simpinteliboy
    • Trump is a known rapist, what do you care, McFuckstick?imbecile
    • thats some hardcore accusation doris.. it makes u look like an ape.neverscared
    • Why are you convinced there are tapes of Biden with kids? Where did you hear this? If it was serious, why no allegations?monospaced
    • Doris has to be Robo. Inventive persona thoughfadein11
    • Imagine if there was a Biden tape where he talks about grabbing pussies, or hanging out partying with Epstein and Maxwell, or anything else like Trump.monospaced
    • Comparing what they imagine to what actually happened is idiotic.monospaced
    • Don’t feed the troll. If you’re easily offended you’re easily manipulated.SlashPeckham
    • By november, everyones gonna be emotionaly dead and fed up because Covid, thats going to be trumps downfallmoldero
    • Will it though? The deathboy fucktards and robos don’t see him that way.monospaced
    • They still insist it isn’t real, that it’s under control, and trump is the sole reason they are alive. No joke.monospaced

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