Holy grail of home office desks

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  • mort_24

    Look no further than the PC Station 2000

    • i actually lol'd out aloud.

      Fuck, the 90s were magical.
    • My mum has something like this but in a corner unit style. Possibly even more disgusting.mort_
    • aahh the college years :)helloeatbreathedrive
    • lolmoldero
    • Now you’re surfin on the internet! Yeah!_niko
    • Ew!Continuity
    • things got done this way, if you had an iMac you had even more space.BabySnakes
    • There’s even room for a box of Kleenex and an ashtray.mort_
    • Love this desknb
    • I could really compute some shit on thisnb
    • Oh and a drawer for all my Quicken install disks!SteveJobs
    • Good thing I just installed my new Sound Blaster PCI card! Now I can hear "Welcome, you've got mail!" in stereo!SteveJobs
    • shapesalami foaming at the tip right nowfadein11
    • Porn was better in those days.shapesalad
    • It brings good memories to me! I was discovering computer, internet and web design back then and PC games. It was a good time!Bennn
    • no scanner??Krassy
    • @krassy that little gem top right is an all-in-wonder.ben_
    • This is the best home page ever. I hope a lot of new people come to qbn tonight and never return. Lolnb
    • This is awesome, but it is real wood or particle board with plastic faux wood coating? This stuff matters.evilpeacock
    • reminds me of living room radios family used to gather around after dinner.hotroddy
    • @ben_ ah, fancy stuffsKrassy
    • I had a desk similar to thatutopian
    • Actually that is my home set-up right now.utopian
    • I want that shit, six hundred decades ago it feels. Sayonara.srhadden
    • Wow ! I want !i_was
    • I had one of theseNBQ00
    • I can hear "You got mail." just looking at this.CyBrainX
    • @evilpeacock particleboard of course, what kind of savage gets anything else? You want that sweet, sweet bubbling action on its laminate coating in 6 mths.Continuity
    • no sex in the office with this interior... would not work there.neverscared
    • Lots of space for CD-ROMS.Chimp
    • covid workstation activatedfadein11
    • And it took six hours to buildscarabin

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